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    Sanoska's Application Empty Sanoska's Application

    Post by Sanoska on Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:21 am

    1. What is the in-game name and level of your character?
    Sanoska lvl 28

    2. Why are you interested in joining Neon Genesis?
    I just recently returned to the game since my iPhone was broke but just got the new 4s and was looking for a guild on the forums and saw neon genesis and the guild seems like a more mature organized guild then the others. And I have only heard good things about this guild. No drama is a Plus as well.

    3. Have you ever been in a guild? If the answer is yes, please explain your decision to try a different one.
    I have been in KoC but seemed like they invite anyone and everyone plus when I came back I wasn't in the guild. It seems like a time for change.
    4. Do you agree to follow our General Guidelines to the best of your ability given admission into the guild?
    Yes I do.
    5. Since even barbers rarely try to cut their own hair, and there are only two barbers in town, they must cut each other's hair. The one with the neat hair must have it cut by the one with the bad haircut, who must then be the better one, considering his own haircut? The one with the bad haircut

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