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    Post by Raniin on Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:16 pm

    1. What is the in-game name and level of your character?

    * Raniin - LVL 25 Engineer ( and quickly leveling using 2X Enhancers) cheers

    2. Why are you interested in joining Neon Genesis?

    *I am very active, and am now officially obsessed with this game! I want to join other like-minded gamers, who also get the most enjoyment out of MMO's by being the trailblazers for end-game content. Also, I own my own business, so I have a ton of time to play.

    3. Have you ever been in a guild? If the answer is yes, please explain your decision to try a different one.

    *I joined a guild for a day, and do not even remember the name of it... There were rarely any player online, so it did not fit my playstyle. Since then, I have been holding out for an end-game guild.

    4. Do you agree to follow our General Guidelines to the best of your ability given admission into the guild?

    *Ummm... yes.

    5. Since even barbers rarely try to cut their own hair, and there are only two barbers in town, they must cut each other's hair. The one with the neat hair must have it cut by the one with the bad haircut, who must then be the better one, considering his own haircut?

    * The barber who is also an Engineer... because he heals you!

    If neither is an Engineer, I would go with the slob. Basketball

    Also, this riddle would better test an applicants logic and deductive skills worded as:

    Q: A logician with some time to kill in a small town decided to get a haircut. The town had only two barbers, each with his own shop. The logician glanced into one shop and saw that it was extremely untidy....the barber needed a shave his clothes were unkempt his hair was badly cut. The other shop was extremely neat. The barber was freshly shaved and spotlessly dressed his hair neatly trimmed.Why did the logician return to the first shop for his haircut?

    A: The barber who appeared unkempt would be the barber to go with, as a barber rarely cuts his own hair.

    I had heard this riddle before, but thought it was weird, because the way it is stated in your application, it gives the answer away... so I looked it up on some forums I frequent.

    PS - Vote for Raniin !

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