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    We are so lucky in this guild


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    We are so lucky in this guild Empty We are so lucky in this guild

    Post by Darko on Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:12 am

    So I started a new character, darkmyth (opps) , trying to do the elusive time consuming task of the k/d ratio. I was going to go guildless since I could delete character in future. I got an invite from defydeath and was curious as defyduck was the original guy who recruited me to neon.

    So once I joined I did not get a welcome to the guild, nothing. I was in guild for a complete hour and not one guild chat message was sent by anybody during that time. I was level 7 and got no offer for help from anybody, no friend requests, nothing. by the way they had a level 7 officer lmao. There was a total of 6 people online at the time. I switched back to Darko and we had 46 people online and well you know how we do it on guild chat. lol

    For those of you curious about other guilds, let this be a lesson how good you have it, grass is not always greener. I will continue to grow this character and hopefully with no deaths they become the newest lvl 30 neon member.


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    We are so lucky in this guild Empty Re: We are so lucky in this guild

    Post by EgoDeath on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:17 pm

    We are lucky to have you for an officer. You've been around for quite some time and have watched the guild grow. Your dedication is unmistakable.

    I have no issues with people trying other guilds, as it is a great way to gain a better perspective and appreciation for what you already have. It happens all the time, and 95% are either reenlisted or try to at least.

    I personally have been in all the major ones; KoC, V for Vendetta, Sparkling Pwnies, et-cetera. I spent many hours studying the internal workings and analyzing the faults of each guild, particularly their masters, and thus the Genesis was born. But I never left a guild before making a few friends. GM Egofury knows all that happens throughout the realm. And we are always a step ahead. Wink

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