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    Iefahal's Application


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    Iefahal's Application Empty Iefahal's Application

    Post by saymayne on Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:07 am

    1. Iefahal, lvl 25

    2. I have been shopping around for a new guild for a while and noticed everyone in NG has top notch gear. I have had the pleasure of playing with many neonites and they always show great skill and courteousness.

    3. I was in galactic peacemakers. They add anyone, so this application process is reassuring. They were the first guild to add me and structuraly it is a mess. Mostly, I was bothered by the extreme number of officers and their absinteeism. I stayed with them until I found the exact guild I thought would be the best fit for me and would gladly highlight the best-quality members of GPM for recruitment to NG, if asked.

    4. yes and yes! I think the guidelines are spot on! It is no wonder why all Neonites are so badass!

    5. The guy with the bad haircut is the better at cutting hair than the one with the good haircut, solely based on comparing their work with each other Smile

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