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    General Guidlines - MUST READ!!!


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    General Guidlines - MUST READ!!! Empty General Guidlines - MUST READ!!!

    Post by EgoDeath on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:27 pm

    1. Get informed. Much of the content here is based on frequently asked questions. It is a great disservice for anyone who has to thumb in the same answers over and over when they’d much rather be annihilating alien scum. Do everyone a favor, do yourself a favor and take some time to check these forums for anything you haven't yet read before logging into Star Legends.

    2. Get involved. Forums are a great tool for asking and answering questions and essential in effectively running a large, active guild like Neon Genesis, granted everyone uses it. Do your part and help gear all your guild mates towards being registered and active on the forums.

    3. Utilize your chain of command. Whether it be a question, something to do with equipment, or any issues you may be having, either voice it here on the forums or bring it up over the guild chat channel. If that doesn't work, bring it to a higher up. The officers are more than capable of handling it, and they'll notify the GM if need be. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should anyone contact the Guild Master directly before going to an officer first.

    4. Party up. One of the advantages of having a guild is the ability to effortlessly organize a game with the max number of players with whom you are familiar with. When hosting a game, set the password to "neon" (all lowercase). This way, no one has to get thrown back to base for guessing it wrong.

    5. Contribute. Back at our first arrival on planet Numa, the officers and I began handing out excess rare gear to guild mates that needed it. Everyone was so grateful that it became a growing trend, and before we knew it, all Neonites were sporting the best equipment the game had to offer. Uphold the tradition.

    Here's a list of the items useful to the guild:
    General Guidlines - MUST READ!!! Itemlist

    6. Guild bank. Unfortunately, Star Legends does not offer a stash terminal everyone has access to like other MMORPGs. Therefore, our guild bank consists of the inventories of the GM and all NG officers. That is where everyone may make their donations, and that is where everyone may collect the final pieces to their sets, granted it is in stock.

    7. Get outfitted. We reserve only the finest gear for anyone within the guild who can equip it. While some find satisfaction in attaining their own equipment, we understand that it can be a bit difficult to balance your sets given the inflated auction house prices and scant drop rates. Therefore, it is your option and your right at level 30 to attain what you need from the guild bank.

    8. Not for resale. We are the ONLY guild of all Star Legends that offers such a fluent system of gear networking and the heart of our success lies in the kindness and self-sacrifice of just about everyone in the clan. Cheating the system and taking advantage of their generosity is widely frowned upon and will most likely result in a permanent ban from Neon Genesis.

    9. Be respectful. People play Star Legends to relax and have fun. If you begin to show patterns of being rude or excessive over guild chat or towards other players (be they in the guild or not), you will be black-listed and booted without warning.

    10. Common courtesy. If you receive items from the guild bank or another member, we will expect nothing in return but a humble thank you. If you do get something from the guild bank, send a thanks over the guild chat so that others are aware their contributions are going to good use, and lets others know what to look forward to when they hit level 30. Also, do not undercut any guild mates in the AH if they have an item listed that is already at the minimum value.

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    General Guidlines - MUST READ!!! Empty Re: General Guidlines - MUST READ!!!

    Post by Yukiryuu on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:37 am

    thank you for this usefully knowledge. i wanted2 read this b4 I went to bed. ill be sure to read through more of this site when I can

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