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    Asanii's Application.


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    Asanii's Application. Empty Asanii's Application.

    Post by Asanii on Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:17 am

    1.) My name is Asanii and my current level is 30.
    2.) I'm interested because I heard this guild is what I'm looking for in a guild. I wish to be in a guild that has active members, friend officers, and just fun to be in. Plus I'm very helpful and can contribute a lot to this guild.
    3.) I have been in a guild, but the ones I was in didn't fit what I pictured, to be a great guild. There wasn't any unity, members weren't loyal, and even the GM left. I fell that a guild should have mostly active members and few inactive members. I just want to be apart of a guild that's what I believe is great.
    4.) Yes I agree to the full extent of my abilities.
    5.) The barber with the worse haircut cuts the best.

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