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    Seckzy's Application


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    Seckzy's Application Empty Seckzy's Application

    Post by seckzy on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:01 pm

    1. What is the in-game name and level of your character?
    My character's name is Seckzy, and currently she's level twenty-three but it's climbing fast.

    2. Why are you interested in joining Neon Genesis?
    where do i start... ive tried quite a couple guilds out and im finding im not satisfied with size, activity, or the lack of general knowledge about the game. I would like an atmosphere with higher level members that are serious about pursuing end game content. I used to raid in WoW, so i have a pretty good idea of what i would like and from what i can tell, this is it. Players at level cap and enough members to participate with, plus a strong leader and officers in case something goes wrong.

    3. Have you ever been in a guild? If the answer is yes, please explain your decision to try a different one.
    Yes. Dissatisfaction lead me astray. C:

    4. Do you agree to follow our General Guidelines to the best of your ability given admission into the guild?
    Ill follow them to the very best of my abilities, sir! Very Happy

    5. Since even barbers rarely try to cut their own hair, and there are only two barbers in town, they must cut each other's hair. The one with the neat hair must have it cut by the one with the bad haircut, who must then be the better one, considering his own haircut?
    They should have gone to the hair stylist! :p Each of their hair cuts reflects the skill of who did it. The one with the bad haircut is the better barber and the one with the good hair cut sucks. :3

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    Seckzy's Application Empty Re: Seckzy's Application

    Post by EgoDeath on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:23 pm

    I have added you to friends list. Please contact any member of NG you see in-game and let them know your application has been approved. They will connect you with an officer Smile

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