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    Kanewlp's Application


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    Kanewlp's Application Empty Kanewlp's Application

    Post by Kanewlp on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:40 pm

    1. What is the in-game name and level of your character?
    Kanewlp Lvl24 Engineer.

    2. Why are you interested in joining Neon Genesis?
    This guild seems to be legit in helping out other guild members unlike most other guilds I've tried.

    3. Have you ever been in a guild? If the answer is yes, please explain your decision to try a different one.
    I've tried about 3 guilds, and they're not member friendly. I mean I got 1 item from them after I gave about 10k worth of items that weren't my class specific.

    4. Do you agree to follow our General Guidelines to the best of your ability given admission into the guild?

    5. Since even barbers rarely try to cut their own hair, and there are only two barbers in town, they must cut each other's hair. The one with the neat hair must have it cut by the one with the bad haircut, who must then be the better one, considering his own haircut?
    Obviously the one with the neat haircut. He's lowering his pride in allowing the one with a bad haircut to cut his.

    I'm in Origins right now and am helping the guys in there as of now, but hardly any of them are my lvl so it's hard to run with them. I gave up a couple items as well as a few thousand credits. I'm planning on doing the same if I get accepted into NeonGenesis.

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    Kanewlp's Application Empty Re: Kanewlp's Application

    Post by EgoDeath on Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:15 pm

    Are you aware that Origins is the sub-guild of Neon Genesis? Read this thread.

    I'm sending you a friend request, followed by a guild invite the moment I see you in-game Smile


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