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    Mcpastry's NG Guild Application


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    Mcpastry's NG Guild Application Empty Mcpastry's NG Guild Application

    Post by Mcpastry on Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:52 am

    Upon reviewing your application we will post on your application an accepted/rejected reply. You will also receive a friend request from an officer please accept and you will be given directions to join.

    1. What is the in-game name and level of your character?
    Mcpastry - Level 26 Operative

    2. Why are you interested in joining Neon Genesis?

    I'm interested in joining a guild with quality members, who are enjoyable to play with, and generally just socialize with. NG's reputation definitely serves it well, as a guild that fits this description. Many times, I have played with members of NG and have been thoroughly impressed with the manner of which they play and enjoy the game. I would be greatly pleased to be part of such a reputable, friendly and enjoyable guild.

    3. Have you ever been in a guild? If the answer is yes, please explain your decision to try a different one.

    For a short period of time, I was part of the Knights of Cydonia, and whilst I am aware that they are one of the top guilds, I felt that they did not live up to their reputation, there were rarely games and many of the members were inactive. I felt that they were not meeting my needs.

    4. Do you agree to follow our General Guidelines to the best of your ability given admission into the guild?

    I have read and do agree and will follow your General Guidelines as best I can.

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